Grimm Season 2 Spoilers: Creature of the Night

Nick Burkhardt is a broken man. He's physically near his breaking point after countless scrapes with the Wesen, the mother that he long thought dead turned up on his door step, and his girlfriend may be on the edge herself, having had some type of spell cast on her by Adalind that left her catatonic. Having his one real connection to the human world, the Nick Burkhardt that he once knew rather than the Nick Burkhardt that stands before us today, almost be taken away from him finish the job of taking him out of the Grimm game, but here's the thing: Nick loves it. And is great at it. With Juliette's honor to be avenged and a powerful hunter to learn from in his mother, no Wesen will be safe from a rejuvenated Grimm on a mission. Read More...


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