Big Brother Photo Recap - The Tears of Nomination

The post-Willie nomination ceremony was everything you would expect it to be on last night's Big Brother with Shane and JoJo getting thrown under the bus for supporting the Boogie-labeled Bully.  What came next was nothing less than Big Brother magic.  First, Shane won the Power of Veto competition and promptly used it to pull his own buns from the fire.  Then he unwisely tried to inject himself in the post-Shane strategics, insuring his place in the next nominations should he be subject to them.  JoJo also made some tactical mistakes, trying to disavow herself from Willie and making all sorts of weak arguments why she shouldn't have to suffer for his mistakes.  In the end, Danielle wound up taking Shane's place, which would really be a good choice for eviction since she is somewhat frisky with Shane and could be a good ally for him, but it is all but certain JoJo will go.  Sad.  If you missed it, check out this Big Brother gallery full of pivotal moments from yesterday's episode. Read More...


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