Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus Trying to Get Fired from 'Hannah Montana'

They are claimed to have purposely messed with the production of "Hannah Montana" in order to get fired from the hit show to focus on singing because it earns them more money. Read more.


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Sep 24, 2008 5:53PM EDT

oh yea i read about this on oceanup but yea i think its true i mean atleast its believable i mean come on shes dating some guy whos 20 something and he is an underwear model! lol but yea i feel so bad for emily i wouldnt be able to act nice to her while i was acting even if it was my job i would probably start a fight with her or something but yea i think emilys handling it pretty well. Im quite proud of her. but haha they made them finish the 26 episode season and make then film 6 more episodes after that! lol ha they deserved it! i used to love miley but i cant stand what she has become i konw ppl make mistakes and i let it go w/ the whole pictures thingy but this time she went over board she oviously doesnt care bout her fans any more and she probably doesnt realize that she willl lose fans when she quits the show and not as many ppl will love her and that would mean she would be earning less money.

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