'Magic Mike' Sequel Talk With Adam Rodriguez

Isn't it nice for us that a month after "Magic Mike" hit theaters we're still talking about it? Even better, the stars themselves are still talking about it and teasing us with plans of a sequel.

So imagine my delight when I encountered handsome cast member Adam Rodriguez sauntering down the pink carpet for the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. Naturally I had to stop him for a quick chat about what he knows about our next-most-anticipated summer movie, as well as a few behind-the-scenes details that didn't make it into the finished product.

"There might be a sequel, which I think would have more of [the dancing] in there," Adam said when asked if the sequel could be more about the stripping and less about the story. "I'd just like to see more good times. We had so much fun making the movie, and I know if we do a sequel it will just be a repeat performance of that, and if we can manage to get all that on screen the way we did this time and maybe even more, that would be a dream."

I then asked Adam to tell us more about his character, Tito, since we don't get to know him as well as Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer's characters. What are Tito's hopes and dreams? What does he want to do outside the strip club?

"My character, his hopes and dreams were to be a real estate mogul, not Donald Trump although he's an idol, not for me for my character," Adam revealed, adding that Tito aspired to be the Trump of strip malls. "There's a scene in there where I'm talking about Robert Kiyosaki [author of] "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," and those were the types of books he read and the types of people he wanted to emulate, and in the meantime he's been stripping for the last however long and hasn't gone anywhere with it. There was an improv that didn't make it where I'm talking about an ice cream shop that I'd just opened with all these wacky flavors."

Tito rocking a business suit and dishing out ice cream? His clientele would be all female, for sure. Come on Soderbergh, let's give him a few of those scenes in the next installment, okay?

Last but not least I asked Adam which of his dance routines he's most looking forward to seeing in full on the DVD, since you know Channing already promised us we'd see almost everything on the DVD.

"The full routines, that's the word," Adam said. "My favorite was my all white 'Top Gun,' 'Officer and a Gentleman' outfit."

We love a man in uniform...

Are you looking forward to a "Magic Mike" sequel?



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