'Big Brother 14': Will America's Vote let the coaches into the game?

It's time for the second eviction on "Big Brother 14," though it will actually be the fourth person to leave the house in like two weeks. Kind of ridiculous, that. Who do you think is going home, JoJo or Danielle? We would have said Danielle after the last aired episode, but now after watching the live feeds, we think it's JoJo leaving. She's gotten kind of ugly in her week on the block, not the least of which is her calling Danielle fat, essentially. Which is pretty gross (and not true). The ShowmanceThe showmance narrative is now JoJo and Shane instead of Shane and Danielle. He's actually not really having a showmance with anyone. But Ian's crack that Shane's trying to "board the Staten Island Ferry" actually made me laugh out loud. That was excellent. And when Danielle gets wind of Shane flirting with JoJo, she is unhappy. Of course, since nobody is really showmancing...



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