'Suits': Are tuxes enough to make up for Donna's absence?

There was plenty to love about "All In," the "Suits" episode that saw Harvey and Mike don their (or Harvey's) best tuxes and head down to Atlantic City for a case. Rachel and Louis even teamed up for a delightful ballet-related case, and Jessica got her biyotch on. But all of that wasn't enough to make up for the fact that one very important face was missing from the Pearson Hardman landscape: Donna.If Harvey and Mike banter in the office and Donna isn't around to make fun of them, does it really happen? Putting aside that Harvey was obviously depressed about his friend, he also doesn't do his best work without Donna there as his anchor. As Jessica said to Harvey at the end of the episode, he's heading down a dangerous, reckless road. He needs to take a step back and examine his behavior.That said, watching Harvey kick the ass of a d-bag is...



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