Louie Recap: The Woman Named Tape Recorder

When Louie fans and fence-sitters alike were reeling from the show's first season, collectively wondering what the hell we'd all just seen, someone suggested that if the best scenes of those thirteen episodes were assembled into a feature-length cut, it'd be 2010's brightest indie film. As waterproof as that idea was, Louie can just as often feel like a whole film in the span of a 22-minute show. Last night's conclusion to the two part episode "Daddy's Girlfriend" was one of those instances.

Like season one's grim, contemplative "God" and season two's equally dark, possibly more ruminative "Eddie," this'll be an installment our thoughts inevitably turn to when we think of Louie, if not Louis C.K. as an entity altogether. He's a comedian first and foremost, but it's hard shaking the notion that walking straight-faced through discomforting themes are as satisfying to C.K. as artfully wrought dick jokes. Read More...



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