Anger Management “Charlie Dates Kate’s Patient” Review

More so than any episode that has come before it, tonight’s episode of Anger Management showcased what the show wants to be. Charlie engages in hijinks against the wishes of one of the women closest to him. The impending disapproval only causes him to continue with the hijinks. Then, the hijinks come to an end in a supposedly humorous or satisfying way. You can feel pretty comfortable in saying that Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom has found it’s sweet spot. The writing isn’t incredibly funny, but the show has developed a consistent voice.

One of the reasons why this episode worked well was because of the lack of time spent with the therapygroup. At this point, the members of the therapy group are such one-note characters that none of the storylines or comedy comes as a surprise. They refuse to take chances with the therapy group. I don’t think any of them have the chops for anything beyond what they are doing now, but it’s weird that the show doesn’t even seem interested in trying to explore the whole person with Charlie’s patients. Read More... 


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