Grimm: All of Season One in Seven Minutes

What if all the fairy tales that you knew as a child were real...and dangerous? What if your banker, car dealer, doctor, friend, and lover all had another side to them, a side that they hid from you and a side that you might even want to know about? Would there be anyone to save you once they got out of control or would you truly be on your own against the forces of darkness? That type of situation may not be applicable to the real world, but in the universe of NBC's supernatural procedural Grimm, it's every day.

Below you can watch a seven-minute recap of the entirety of Grimm's first season and follow Detective Nick Burkhardt as he discovers (and later embraces) his heritage as a hunter of things that go bump in the night. In the video, you get a taste of why the show became a surprise success and even became the first renewal NBC made last season, with Aunt Marie's mystical, knowledge-holding trailer, reformed big bad wolf Monroe's quippy ecentricism, and some pretty killer make-up all getting the spotlight. Going into season two, Nick's wounded emotionally and physically after one last blow from recurring villain Adalind Schade, but throughout the first season, he's proven that he has the guile to make it through even the toughest of situations.

He is a Grimm, after all.


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