'Big Brother 14': Week 3 Power of Veto results

The "Big Brother 14" house may have gotten pretty interesting after the Power of Veto competition that featured HOH Shane, nominees Ashley and Joe, and Frank, Wil and Danielle. Remember, you can sign up for the live feeds to keep track of all the hamster goings-on in the house. Unfortunately (for us viewers who like drama), Shane won the POV, thus continuing to cement himself as a huge competitive threat (three Vetos and an HOH so far). He also will now most likely leave his nominations alone, which is pretty boneheaded, honestly. Now that he's got the POV power, it is the perfect time to backdoor Frank. But we highly doubt Shane has the cajones to do that, plus he and Britney have been cozying up to Mike Boogie this week and suddenly targeting Janelle's team. The POV ceremony still could be full of fireworks if Shane uses the POV, but we are highly skeptical...



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