Review - Breaking Bad 5.03 "Hazard Pay" - Let's Get Cooking

After sketching a rough outline of the new players for season 5 and setting up a shadowy, and somewhat ambiguous, start to the final season story arc, Breaking Bad gets back to its core device tonight:  drugs.

The logistics of drug production and distribution has contributed to some of the more interesting story blocks of Breaking Bad, and "Hazard Pay" does not disappoint.  From the mobile lab of season one to the industrial lab of seasons 3 and 4, Breaking Bad has always concocted an interesting setup for Mr. White and Jessie to do their thing.   To give you precise details of what they hobble together for their first cook in "Hazard Pay" would constitute major spoilers, but let's put it this way:  has Walter White ever come up with any blahsy solutions to anything?  Here are a few things I can tell you about tonight's episode:


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