'Big Brother 14': Frank and Boogie pull one over on Shane


We love how the "Big Brother" voiceover during the previouslies makes it sound as though Shane was, like, sleeping with Danielle and then sleeping with JoJo. What's the opposite of a Showmance? A Nomance? Because that's what is going on here. Shane Wins HOHJoe needs to STOP SCREAMING AT US, it's the worst. Worst. What is wrong with him?! Meanwhile, Danielle knows why Shane voted against her. But she says it like she's a battered spouse. "It sucks that he hits me, but he just gets so mad sometimes." Wil knows he's a huge target, as does his coach Janelle, while Boogie is confident that Frank is safe. He shouldn't be (at this point), but as we all find out, turns out Boogie was right. It hurts to type that. Because Shane is not a gamer at all and says he trusts Frank (who just nominated him) and Boogie (who is a total snake). Shane...



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