Breaking Bad Recap: A Deal's a Deal

The first scene in "Hazard Pay" only looks like a prison visit. Like the rest of this muted, surprising episode, and like so much of Breaking Bad, it's really about the details of running a business: product and profit vs. overhead and expenses. What's happening in this opening scene is due diligence.

Mike, the most hard-nosed member of the new Walt-Mike-Jesse meth consortium, is posing as a paralegal. He's visiting all the incarcerated Madrigal/Los Pollos Hermanos people whose Cayman Islands hush money, i.e. "hazard pay," was frozen by the DEA's investigation of Gus Fring. Ostensibly Mike is there to warn ex-Fring associate Dennis Markowski that even though the money has been frozen, everybody is still obligated to keep their mouths shut. But during that first meeting with Dennis, it becomes clear to Mike that even if "a deal's a deal," reality is also reality. Read More...


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