Big Brother 14 Week 3 Coaches Competition and Nominations Review

With Shane being the HOH this week, the Big Brother house ramped their ass kissing to a level never seen before on the show. Well at least, one person took it to that level, but everyone was looking to save their hides this week.

After the HOH competition, Britney made it clear that she wants one of Mike Boogie's and Janelle's players to feel the burn of being on the block for a change. Namely, Wil and Frank. While Shane shares Britney's sentiment, he has other plans due to the deal he made with Frank the week before. Without telling Britney about said deal, Shane suggested that another of Mike's players go up instead of Frank. Britney, Danielle, and Dan didn't get Shane's logic (and they shouldn't), but hopefully they also could smell that foul stench coming out of his reasoning as well. Read More...


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