'True Blood' Recap: 'Somebody That I Used To Know'

We're two thirds of the way through this season of "True Blood," which means that this week's visit to Bon Temps advanced a whole lot of percolating subplots. In this episode: Sookie took a backseat, Alcide took a beating, Lafayette took $300 for witch-work, and Eric took a look at his life and his choices.

Whatever Lilith wants, Lilith gets
The Authority's long, bloody tumble off the mainstreaming wagon continues, as the group's bloodsucking binge gets chased back to Headquarters by the approach of dawn. But every party needs a pooper, and since nothing kills a good blood-of-Lilith buzz like getting shamed by the ghost of your maker, Eric is starting to have second thoughts about what just went down. He frowns and glowers, but nobody cares. Sporting beards made of crusty blood, drunk on the prospect of vampire supremacy, the group discuss their next move — although some of those present seem a little confused about the difference between "divine inspiration" and "rampant self-interest," including the gentleman who declares, "Lilith wants me to eat a baby." Read More...



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