A Pre View on the Past- Grey's Anatomy 6x 15 TIME WARP

This is just going to take just a few minutes because I have a class pending in 30 minutes and I've been missing my Spanish classes because I had to go on duty (yes, I am now a labor delivery nurse) and seminars this week.

The Dean Roble Lecture Series, more like it.

Quite fitting for this week's Grey's Anatomy Episode entitled "The Time Warp".

As I was sitting there the other day, listening to the new updates on neurosurgery, liver surgery, etc. I couldn't help but wonder how I came about to be here when in my head, I know for certain that I want to be in medical school. But one the speakers, out of the goodness of her heart, did offer to let me read a passage to help me figure out why I'm there and where I am supposed to go. So maybe, I'm destined to be a nurse. After all, empathy and a touch of compassion goes a long way in my vocabulary.

As Chief, Derek reinstates the hospital lecture series, the last I remembered was the M and M they had when Denny died, back in Season 3. So this time, Richard, Bailey and Callie present to the group pivotal surgical cases from their pasts. Perhaps the Seattle Grace's lecture series won't be as life-altering to the audience as the seminar I attended. But it certainly would help their residents and attendings on their works.

First off, Richard is back. I wonder if he's already done his rehabilitation and if it means he'll be coming back and reclaiming his throne anytime soon. Well anyway, Richard recalls a case in which he and Ellis team up and the patient was diagnosed with GRID, later renamed AIDS. I saw sneak previews and Ellis was just the ultimate b****. It's so sad that her selfishness had turned a cute little child, named Meredith, into a twisted dark person we saw throughout the show. Seriously, what kind of a mother would be so cold to her child yet have the time to commit adultery with her colleague in one of the hospital's on-call rooms. Then again, if we didn't have that storyline, I guess our favorite MerDer wouldn't come to pass. By the way, I like the yellowish halls of 1970's Seattle Grace. And the caps! Nurses were using caps! That's awesome! The last time I wore that was during my pinning ceremony. It's just refreshing to be taken into another era of surgical and medical glory days.

So moving on, Callie looks back on a polio case. It does look cool but since I am a huge Callie fan, I was more fascinated by how they got her hair to be just like the one in Season 2 when she first came along. Then, Karev pretending to be George? "Wait, you're the heart in the elevator guy?" "Yup, we'll go with that." That is so cool! Alex looks relatively younger (he looks a lot older nowadays) and honestly, I'd like to see them hook up so that my mind would make me think how good of professionals they are as they never mentioned any of those possible hot moments all these years. Callex? Nah, I like Mallie more. =) Oh! I almost forgot, Krista Vernoff promised us the worst and funniest case of stage fright with Callie. That is something worth to look forward. Very contrasting- stage shy Calliope Torres played by a stage performer, award winning Sara Ramirez. Ain't that interesting?

Finally, our dearly beloved Miranda Bailey comes into the picture as she reflects on her first days as a shy resident. Awww be still my heart. This lady definitely can have me saying AWWWW all day long. Have you seen her hair back then???? It is so endearing that you cannot help but love her even more after she stuttered in front of a certain Ben Warren last week. =) Her flashback on the other hand, as it could relate to her residents, would tell them that residency does change people. In a lot of cases shown on Grey's, it makes them tougher. She started out being Mandy and then a year or two later of torture from her head who looks like a cannibal, she herself becomes widely known as the Nazi. The minnow is now a shark! Their struggles would roughen them up but make them the best surgeons one could ask.

Pardon my being judgmental earlier on Ellis, but that was my culture talking outside my profession after all, I'm not on duty, I am just writing and this is personal.

And personally, I would not want the show to be running on flashbacks all episode through because I still have my happy dance going for Miranda and Ben. The cases show a lot of possible insights and effects on it audience. How exactly ? I wish I knew but we have an hour before the show and I certainly hope this episode will turn out to better than last week. It's like one of those things that you anticipate so much that when it doesn't turn out to be the way you thought it would, you get disappointed.

Crossing my fingers on that date and speaking of time, I have to run to my Spanish class now otherwise my professor would kick me out already.

Hasta luego.


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