'Big Brother 14': Power of Veto ceremony for Week 3 shakes up the house


The Week 3 Power of Veto ceremony has taken place in the "Big Brother 14" and there is some major drama in store for the week -- so sign up for the live feeds if you want to watch it all unfold before Thursday. HOH Shane won the Power of Veto (again) and was initially going to leave his nominations of Ashley and Joe the same. But Britney, Danielle, Wil and Ashley came together to convince him to use it on Ashley and nominate Frank in her place. And in a huge surprise, Shane actually followed through with it. Guess that "three amigos" alliance is over. Boogie and Frank were shocked at this turn of events and have already started scrambling. They know they've got Jenn and Ian's votes, leaving Danielle, Wil and Ashley as the three left over. Now, if everybody sticks to the plan, they're going to "say" they're going to vote for...



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