'Bachelor Pad': The twins and most of the house go completely off the rails


"Bachelor Pad" kicks off Monday (July 30) with a montage of how gross and creepy the twins are. Nobody likes them and they make everybody uncomfortable. Meanwhile, Chris is still trying to balance a "partnership" with Blakeley with his wanting to get some nookie with Jamie. The CompetitionSome are acrobats there, performing with hula hoops and balls and whatnot -- Harrison says it's honor of the Summer Olympics going on "right now." Uh huh. We all know this isn't live, right? Why are we pretending?Anyway. They all have to learn a rhythmic gymnastics routine and perform it for judges to get the rose. Oh, lordy. The two worst are given a vote against them heading into the Rose Ceremony. And the two genders are performing together as a group. They have two hours. Go!Is this supposed to be amusing for us to watch? Because it's mostly just dumb, honestly. I don't even have funny snark,...



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