Teen Wolf 2.10 Review - Kanimas, Answers, and Gamechangers Galore!

Clap. Clap. Clap. Well done, Teen Wolf. Well freaking done.

Last night's Teen Wolf deserves applause, flowers, and a standing ovation for not only giving the fans the answers we have clamored for all season, but for also laying the foundation for the sh*tstorm to come. Now before I begin the indepth review, I must give Jeff Davis major props for a tight script that weaved all of his storylines into one cohesive, unforgettable hour of Teen Wolf yet. Plus, the episode echoed elements Buffy the Vampire Slayer's second season (I will get into how a bit later), but not to the point of complete plagiarism since The Vampire Diaries did something a little similar in their second season as well. With that said, there were a couple of quibbles I had with the episode, namely the sloppy assault on the police station, but the episode as a whole makes up for that miniscule qualm in abundance. Read More...



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