Grimm: The Mystery of Captain Renard

Captain Renard was always a bit of an enigma during the first season of Grimm. You knew he was tough, you knew he was influential, and you knew there was more to him than met the eye, but for a member of one of the families, he kept things very much close to the vest. That may have been exacerbated by having a Grimm on his staff at the department, but the fact remains that we didn't really know Renard until the last quarter of the season. And even then, you knew he had to be hiding something.

In the video below, a mash-up of Renard moments from the first season, you can tell how manipulative and cunning the royal can be, particularly in his treatment of Adalind and the violence he inflicted on several other Wesen. However, it feels like Renard has yet to really break out the big guns and go to the depths necessary for true victory, but with Nick getting stronger and receiving a helping hand in the "resurrection" of his mother, he might have to amp it up in order to keep the advantage. Renard may be a powerful man in the Wesen world without an inordinate amount of resources, but if he lets down his guard even once, he might be done for, whether it be from Nick or another creature looking to acquire the type of power that he has. Read More...


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