Alphas “The Quick and the Dead” Review

"The Quick and the Dead," wasted no time reinforcing the idea that our Alphas team had changed dramatically in the time that Rosen had been locked up.

I will probably incur the wrath of the Nina/Hicks shippers out there, but I kind of liked seeing Dani and Hicks together. I know I can’t completely trust her with Hicks, so I didn’t want to like them together, but they have a chemistry that I find charming. Maybe Hicks and Dani seemed more natural because we were spared the awkward flirting and romance that we got when Nina and Hicks were first getting together last season. We jumped right into the middle of Hicks and Dani’s secret relationship and saw that they were already happy and comfortable with one another.

Their relationship is volatile because Hicks and the rest of the Alphas team are only getting half of the truth while Dani and Stanton Parish are privy to the whole picture. Still, the more I saw of Dani talking to Stanton about her relationship, the more comfortable I was with the two of them being together. She wasn’t sent to seduce Hicks for Red Flag, and she wasn’t intentionally spying either. Dani eventually realized that her relationship with Hicks was the real deal and she was willing to take a much riskier path to pursue that possibility with him. Read More... 


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