The Gates- 1x03 Breach Preview

Two weeks ago, we left off Claire voluntarily yet begrudgingly giving a tube full of her blood to the evil witch spa owner (clearly, I don't know her name.) It makes me wonder if she is going to use the blood to make all the people in the gates vampires? What is this now? Dawn of the living dead.

Anyhow, somehow the trailer for this week's episode got me all hopeful that the show can bounce back from their obvious downhill trend. I wish they will be renewed and not become a one time summer filler for the void that is the lack of Grey's Anatomy. Uh-oh sorry I really have this bad with the hiatus.

Then again, this is the Gates preview, not Grey's Anatomy. So moving forward.

There's been a robbery at the McCallisters', setting off a series of similar mysterious robberies around town. I'm sure the chief will stop at nothing to figure this out. Meanwhile Brett does his best to get his relationship back on track with Andie, though she still finds herself drawn to Charlie. Of course! she's a succubus! I'm sure the wolf in Brett notices Andie's divided attention and gives in to Lukas to join the pack and blow off a little steam.

On the other hand, Leigh is not herself when she loses an important package and possibly her connection with Marcus. Who? :p

Finally, Claire reunites with an old friend who questions her transformation to a humble housewife. By questioning, I mean persuading her to kill and drink human blood straight from the jugular vein!

"The Gates," air SUNDAY, JULY 11 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.


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