'Pretty Little Liars' Recap: 'Stolen Kisses'

Turns out that bag of bills stuffed into Ezra's sock drawer wasn't the only thing he was keeping from lady love Aria. Thanks to a visit from mummy dearest, we learned that Ezra's family is not hurting for money and that the aspiring writer's real surname is "Fitzgerald," shortened for pen name purposes. Apparently the former English professor has never heard of F. Scott Fitzgerald.

But Aria shouldn't feel too bad because Ezra was lying to his mother too. He told her that he and Aria only began dating after he left Rosewood High. And as awkward as meeting the parents can be, Mrs. Fitzgerald was mostly polite, inviting Aria and Ezra to the Osgood Museum Foundation benefit—an invitation Aria accepted on their behalf. Read More...



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