Teen Wolf “Fury” Review

Are you still reeling from this week’s Teen Wolf? I sure am! With so much action, I’m sure this review will not fully do justice to episode’s greatness. Rather than rehash every detail, most of which had me on the edge of my seat the entire time, I’ll try to look at our favorite (and not-so favorite) characters and tell you where things stand after the great showdown at the Beacon Hills police station.


Although I feel sympathy for Allison losing her crazy mother, I have no sadness about her actual death. Well, I’m kind of sad to lose Eaddy Mays from the show as she proved to be a great actress and an expert at the crazy eyes.

Unfortunately, Allison’s grief has left her vulnerable to her grandfather’s manipulations. After reading a letter from her mother with the Argent family spin on the truth, Allison put on her most bad ass black clothes, grabbed her bow and arrow along with a few knives and proclaimed Derek as Argent enemy number 1. Read More...



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