Covert Affairs “Speed of Life” Review – Trouble, Trouble Everywhere

In this episode of Covert Affairs, called "Speed of Life," Annie and Auggie are in trouble, but not necessarily the same kind.

Annie spends a lot of her time in this episode doing what she always does – trying to be everything that everyone needs from her, but succeeding in spreading herself too thin. Things are going well with her mission with Simon, until they’re not and suddenly he’s in D.C., the FBI may end up snagging him before the CIA can get what they need from him and Annie of course is stuck in the middle. When it looked like her cover was blown for sure, Simon drives up out of nowhere and claims that he wants to be honest and tells her he likes her. There are two ways that I can take that and I still haven’t decided which is which. Either her cover isn’t blown after all and Simon was admitting that he liked the fake Annie; or he knows exactly who she is and was admitting he liked the real Annie. Depending on which scenario is true; her getting into that car could turn out to be one big mistake. Read More... 


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