Green Lantern: The Animated Series – Beware My Power…Green Lantern’s Light

Having been one of a handful of people who actually enjoyed the Green Lantern movie last year and again on Blu-ray, I looked forward to this series and thoroughly enjoyed the sneak peek last year. This time around, I got to watch the first two episodes with my kids and was rather amused to see how closely their opinions mirrored mine.  Green Lantern’s renaissance in the last few years in the comics and in other mediums has been fun to watch since he’s long been a character I’ve liked. Add in the original animated movies we’ve gotten as well and it’s generally been a very good time to be a Green Lantern fan. With this series breaking "tradition" for Warner and DC by going with CG animation, it’s definitely going to be controversial. But to me, this is the ideal series to do this with as it has the kind of otherworldly feel that it needs. Read More... 


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