Green Lantern: The Animated Series – Lost Planet Review

With the search through this sector continuing as they look for the Green Lantern’s that made their way out there and have been lost, we get some interesting things going on in a very different sector of space. Case in point is the start here where a ring has found a new owner on a planet after its original was killed, but the problem is that the planet that they’re now ready to head for is about to be destroyed in five minutes due to an asteroid about to hit it. We get some good tension with it but also a look at the scale of the Lantern’s abilities when they pool together for things. Hal’s recklessness is good in that their efforts do slow down when the planet will be destroyed, but it puts them at a power disadvantage afterward because of how much was consumed by it. It’s a straightforward look at the two different styles that exist between Hal and Kilowog in simplest of terms. Read More... 


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