Space Brothers Episode #13 Anime Review

Observing groups in action in confined spaces to see how they react, both in mind and body, is something that may have levels of predictability about it but also just a lot of fun. This is even more true when you deal with someone like Mutta and his interest in Serika since he has to be careful here while trying to see what he can learn about her. He’s also just glad to be spending so much time with her that you almost feel like he’s forgotten why he’s actually here. But there are times where he does shine and part of what makes him appealing here is that he can soothe and settle others to some degree with his ability to get along seemingly with most everyone. There aren’t any significant clashes here with him, though Mutta himself does feel a bit slighted at times due to what others say, which is a natural defense mechanism. Read More... 


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