Space Brothers Episode #16 Anime Review

With a lot of series, I can see a small arc like this being something that can really break a persons interest in it. It’s slowed things down, given us time with the characters in a confined space and could easily feel like it’s dragging things out. But for the fans of this show that are also hopefully avid nuts about space travel and what it means to really get there, segments like this are a good deal of fun to watch because it does show us the psychological testing and training that you have to go through to see who is right for it. While I do think it could be tightened up a little bit, the truth is that this is an engaging look at the characters and how they deal with a variety of situations and personalities in order to survive. With plans for travel to both the Moon and Mars ahead in its plans, those that participate in the programs really need to have what it takes to handle such difficult situations. And these tests, light as they are overall, are key to it. Read More... 


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