Big Brother 14 Week 3 POV Competition & Ceremony - The Night the $#*% Hit The Fan

Tonight's Big Brother episode was a testament to how live feeds don't necessarily hold the same excitement as an actual Big Brother episode can entail. While I knew the outcome of the POV ceremony and the chaos it caused in its wake, the editing and confessionals enhanced that knowledge threefold. However, it still didn't help deter my utter horror of the Coaches becoming players this week, because let's face it: it's going to happen.

After nominations were given, Janelle rallied her troops together to encourage them to show no ill will towards Shane for his nominations. Joe was hella pissed, while Ashley was distraught, but got over it. Janelle later went to speak to Britney, who explained that Shane's reasoning for nominating her players was backlash for Janelle and crew splitting from Britney's crew after week one. I would have accepted a more honest response than that crap, but that's me. However, despite both of her players being up for nomination, Janelle took everything in stride, which Britney had a field day with in the Diary Room as she mocked Janelle's 'It's fine!' responses with flair. Ha! But Britney knew that despite Janelle's thinly veiled attempts to grovel at her and Shane's feet, the Blonde Bombshell and her team could come in handy in terms of votes. And in the Big Brother game, votes are top currency. Read More...


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