Futurama Review: Barfapalooza

If there's any moral to be taken from "Fun on a Bun" it is that drunken rowdiness is far superior to a classy gathering. Because the latter just leads to thinking you just ate your ex, then neanderthals will rise up, and prize-winning chefs will be murdered by a homicidal robot. You know, the kind that Aesop wrote about.

This was a Fry and Leela episode, the kind that forms the emotional backbone of this show. Their relationship (or lack thereof) has been the catalyst for some of its most heart-wrenching and satisfying moments. They are what makes watching this series so much more satisfying than Family Guy, which in modern times has developed a nasty misanthropic streak that's occasionally hard to watch. Futurama makes fun of its characters, and is certainly a goofy show at heart, but it has its pathos. Read More...



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