'Big Brother 14': Joe proves once again why he is a terrible player


This is regarding the "Big Brother 14" live feeds, so don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled. But if you haven't signed up for the live feeds yet, they promise to get very good soon (they've already been pretty great). Not only are the coaches coming into the game, but Thursday night's (Aug. 2) HOH comp is probably going to be endurance. But about last night ...So we all saw on the CBS broadcast that Joe is kind of terrible at this game. He got nominated and kind of lost his mind and Janelle had to beat him over the head with the idea that he should be playing it cool and making nice with Shane or he was going to get himself booted. Now he has shown to be even dumber than we all thought. The plan all along between Shane, Wil, Ashley, Danielle and Joe has been to take Ashley...



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