Leverage: "The (Very) Big Bird Job" Review

After an uneven fourth season, Team Leverage returned with the very enjoyable "The (Very) Big Bird Job." The show has mostly gotten away from seasonal arcs, with the tiniest pieces of underlying mystery sprinkled into an average "con of the week" episode, but the comedic chemistry between the ensemble remains strong, if not even stronger than ever.

"The (Very) Big Bird Job" might have been lacking in the heavy dramatics that usually help balance out this series, but I'm perfectly fine with a breezy Season 5 starter. From Hardison and Elliot arguing over the intricacies of micro-brewing to Nate and Sophie deciding that they can exist just fine as a happy couple, this episode was decidedly lighter than the two-episode "Death of Nate's Dad" story that closed out Season 4. But there's still a good amount of fun to be had in just watching this team, well, have fun. Too much of the team's joking around can be overkill, yes, but for a chapter that was all about having to start over from scratch, this one was fine. Read More...



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