Futurama: "Zapp Dingbat" Review

In this week's episode of Futurama, we paid another visit to the sewers as Leela's parents Morris and Munda celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary. While we've seen Leela's parents featured in previous episodes, this was really the first time we got to see them develop as actual characters. Leela's filmstrip presentation seemed to give us a good idea of what her parents were like back in their heyday.

Of course, after just a few minutes of watching it was clear that Morris and Munda shouldn't be anywhere near each other, let alone married. So ensued the very cut-and-dry divorce session, setting each mutant on their own unique path. With Munda now a single woman ready to prowl the surface, Leela decided to take her mother to the ever popular Mos Def Cantina. This scene had some pretty fun establishing gags, the best one coming from George Takei's head: "Dance, slave! Dance!" (In case you were wondering,yes, this was actually Takei speaking the line.) Read More...



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