Wilfred: "Guilt" Review

This week’s episode of Wilfred reintroduced Ryan’s sister Kristen (played by Dorian Brown), who returned from her trip to India with a bit of a baby bump -- much to Wilfred’s dismay. As we soon learned, dogs and babies have been locked in an ongoing war to see which one is cutest. And judging from Wilfred’s one-sided conversations throughout the episode, Kristen’s unborn fetus is kind of a dick. (Pen15 club? Really, fetus?)

The visit from Kristen was no walk in the park for Ryan either. She has presented her own series of headaches for Ryan in the past, but in "Guilt" we saw the full extent of Ryan’s remorse from the events that transpired at the end of last season. If we recall, it was Kristen who Ryan blackmailed -- over a urine sample, remember -- to save Jenna’s job. That thread was picked back up here, and (as usual) Kristen’s passive aggressive nature was in full force. Read More...



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