Falling Skies: "Molon Labe" Review

"Molon Labe" more than makes up for the disappointing outing last week.  With wall-to-wall action and a key turning point in the war against the enemy, this is easily the best episode of the season and could be considered one of the best of the series.  A lot of issues with the plot that have arisen these past few weeks are finally addressed and the series feels like it’s back on track after a mixed last couple of episodes.

The action ramps up within the first minute with events picking up right where we left off last week.  Karen’s plan to trick Ben into being captured by the Overlords is revealed and for a second I thought we were going to have an entire episode dealing with Ben’s rescue.  Thankfully, an entire fighter squadron had been tracking Ben and Karen, immediately taking action and coming to the rescue.  Another week of "rescue the Mason" boy averted!  That’s already a plus in my books. Read More...



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