The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes - "Behold... the Vision!" Review

If last week's Earth's Mightiest Heroes featured Cap trying to rebuild the public's trust in himself and the Avengers, this week's installment turned inward as Cap tried to heal the broken bonds among his teammates. The efforts to repair his shattered shield served as a not-so-subtle metaphor for that healing process. Alongside this interpersonal conflict, the Vision finally made his EMH debut as the latest villain to threaten the team.

The battle scenes with the vision were easily the highlight of the episode. This is a character who is practically a Superman-level powerhouse, but writers rarely seem to reflect that fact except when Vision serves as an antagonist. "Behold... the Vision" took its cues from the character's original appearance in Avengers #57 by presenting him as an agent of Ultron designed to pick apart the team with his impressive density-altering powers. As such, the Ultron reveal at the end was entirely predictable, but it's still nice to know we'll get another major storyline involving that villain before this series wraps. Read More... 


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