'Big Brother 14': The coaches hit the reset button


Julie Chen welcomes us to "Big Brother 14" with some nonsense about the "votes are in," like that has anything to do with whether or not the coaches come into the game. But yes, let's play along with the narrative that America has all this power to turn the game on its head.You know what would've been funny/cool? If America's Vote let us pick which coach(es) got to enter the game. So we could vote in everybody but Boogie. *snicker*Post POV CeremonyBoogie is "perturbed" that he has to actually do something. Meanwhile, Ashley acts like she is some gamer who got the HOH to use POV on her. Has Ashley done anything in this game other than blindly bop along and let things happen to her?JOE SAYS TRIX ARE FOR KIDS BUT NOT BEING ON THE BLOCKIan is freaking out about Frank being put on the block. It's like he has finally woken up to...



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