Burn Notice “Reunion” Review – So Close and Yet So Far

In this episode of Burn Notice, called "Reunion," Michael has to learn how to live with the loss of his brother while starting on his journey towards revenge.

Because Nate’s death came right at the end of the episode, it wasn’t until I was watching tonight’s that I really came to terms with the implications of what that meant to Michael and the rest of his family (those who are family by blood and those who are family by love). If that bullet hadn’t come out of nowhere, or heck even if it had but Nate hadn’t been standing right there, think how different Michael’s life would be right now. After all, Anson – the man who orchestrated the entire crapfest that has been Michael’s life for the past few years – would be dead, Fiona would be out of prison and Michael would still be back at the agency. For Michael, that’s about as close to perfect as life can get. Read More...



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