Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode #02 Anime Review

Little did I know when I decided to review this show that it would end up being the most controversial title of the season. After all, this is a season where there’s a show about assault weapon girls and another about getting a zombie girlfriend. The spit taboo is a strong one across many cultures, and in very few places is being spit on considered a complement. If the first episode was too gross for you, you won’t find this second episode any more pleasant. In my viewing, though, the saliva transfer method works well as an unorthodox, alien kissing mechanism. If you read the sexual metaphors somewhat literally, it transforms Urabe into somewhat of a masculine, dominant figure. More loosely, it gives kissing a strange, gross, biologically obscene feel, kind of like the adolescent feeling about sex: Simultaneously disgusting and alluring, and it helps put one in the mindset of 16 year old Akira. I can’t help but think that if the story was about sharing and drinking blood, as has been shown in countless anime and vampire tales before, the first episode would have passed without comment. Anyhow, as it’s been since six years since mangaka Ueshiba Riichi made his bizarre decision to focus the series on drool, so it’s too late to second guess him now. You can either tolerate the show or you can’t, so this will be the last time I touch on the controversy. Read More... 


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