Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode #08 Anime Review

Mysterious Girlfriend X is a weird show: Simultaneously a fetish-of-the-week fanservice showcase, and a sensitive and perceptive look at the awkwardness of first love. Still, never before has the contrast been brought into focus quite like this. Lo, we have the first awkward, amusing, and oddly touching episode about, well, reaching second base for the first time.

We open on a dream sequence where Urabe offers to let Tsubaki touch her boobs for the first time. He does, and then he wakes up. He lies in bed for a bit with the tempting idea rolling around his head, so he decides he needs distraction. Downstairs, his older sister is eating meat buns. No good. He decides to go to a bookstore, but discovers a pin-up in the movie magazine he’s reading. So he decides to walk, and eventually finds himself in the place where he and Urabe part ways. On a lark, he decides to walk in the direction of Urabe’s house, and stops in front of a building, musing that it would be funny if Urabe lived there. Too bad for Tsubaki, she does, and she pulls up behind him on her bike, just having returned from a shopping trip. Tsubaki’s feeling guilty about his dirty thoughts, but Urabe is feeling very friendly today, and decides to invite him inside her apartment for the first time. Lucky! Or is it? Read More... 


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