Polar Bear’s Cafe Episode #03 Anime Review

With Panda having gotten his job and being quite proud of it, he’s also in a bit of the doldrums because his friends at the cafe haven’t come to see him. He’s been spending plenty of time at the cafe lately since initially wandering in there and almost getting a job and he’s the type to quickly glom onto someone to view them as a friend. Luckily for him, he did land into a job that is right up his alley and it’s one that he likes. So he makes the request plainly that he wants them to come and visit him at the zoo. That they agree without issue is nice to see since it means we get Polar Bear and Penguin getting outside of their normal environment again. And for Panda, he’s super glad as the other panda won’t be in that day so it’s all about him. Read More...



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