Movie Review: Total Recall Is Chase, Jump, Repeat

It has been 24 hours since I saw the remake of Total Recall and I can’t recall a bloody thing apart from Kate Beckinsale staring malevolently through her hair at Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel sensibly leaping off a 500-foot-high ledge and landing on a moving elevator. That happens approximately 137 times: Kate shows up, Colin jumps, Kate jumps after him, and 5 million dollars' worth of CGI later, Colin gets away. Then they do it again. Before Kate turns into a lethal combination of the Terminator and Catwoman, Colin is under the impression she’s his wife — and she might well be. This whole series of chases, bloody shoot-outs, and neck-breakings might turn out to be the fantasy of a mild-mannered factory drone getting a virtual vacation at Rekall, a company that specializes in creating new memories. Certainly something seems off about this particular reality. Didn’t Colin used to have a thick Teutonic accent and great big giant pecs? Read More...


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