Naruto: Shippuden Episode #214 Review

Sakura’s plans to deal with Sasuke have certainly gone in some odd directions at times and the way she confessed to Naruto to try and get him to stop and then to drug her own teammates so she can go to Sasuke on her own has her plans seeming desperate and uncertain. But she does have a plan in her head that she hasn’t revealed, but even Sasuke can continue to surprise her when she confronts him. Her desires to join him don’t exactly thrill Sasuke since he knows what he wants to do, and informing her that he intends to destroy the village of the Hidden Leaf gets to her. How can she join him knowing what he’ll have her do? She’s not that far gone in her plans to be able to do that. His test for her is amusing though as it’s a simple one that does effectively show him what she’s made of. If she can kill Karin, wounded and defenseless in front of her, then he’ll take her with him. Read More... 


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