Naruto: Shippuden Episode #218 Review

There’s a whole lot of change going on in the world of Naruto but it may not be the kinds of changes some fans get into it. It’s all about the driving forces of politics and intrigue, which we saw come to light with the way the Allied Shinobi Forces were created and now ratified at the start of this episode by the Feudal Lords. It’s a significant change to the makeup of the various villages and how the lands are dealt with, and it comes at a very complicated time for Hidden Leaf in particular. Wtih Danzo now dead, not long after his own taking over the title of Hokage even if temporary, it’s now fallen to Kakashi who has a kind of bemused and resigned nature about him when it comes down to it. Having this aspect of things fall into his lap as well definitely makes it for a difficult time. Read More... 


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