Naruto: Shippuden Episode #221 Anime Review

With Naruto now at Mount Myoboku, he’s getting himself set up to handle the training that’s coming in regards to the seal that binds the Nine Tails deep inside him. The brief recap at the start shows how things have changed over the last few years for Naruto and what Jiraiya did to help strengthen the seal for at least awhile to help deal with it. It’s definitely a useful recap to show what was done since it was awhile ago and not something that’s brought out every episode. With Jiraiya having such a strong concern for Naruto, it definitely made sense for him to be involved like that. But as we can see, it was definitely a much younger Naruto that was worked on and he’s been through an immense amount of things since then and has actually managed to control the Nine Tails better than thought possible. Read More... 


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