Naruto: Shippuden Episode #241 Anime Review

With the events of the war getting closer and closer, things are shaping up a bit back in the village of the Hidden Leaf a little more as people are being put in positions and other things are being lined up. Kakashi in particular is being put in charge of several things, though it’s not exactly the kind of responsibility or position that he’s looking for. But Tsunade makes it clear that it’s not a request and that he has to get in line with things. What he wants to do though is to bring in someone to help him that he can trust to do things right, a real guaranteed right hand man. Unfortunately, he’s off on the silly mission with Naruto on a boat right now. While the mind may go at first to saying he wants Yamato by his side, those that know better know that it comes down to his wanting Guy around as the two have a lengthy history with each other and a real respect that has even been tackled during this season of filler. Read More... 


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