Naruto: Shippuden Episode #242 Anime Review

After keeping the focus off of Naruto for quite a few episodes, so much so that he was barely even in some of them if at all, the focus turns back to him now as the crew is at their final stop for supplies. This time they find themselves in the nation of the Land of Water and on one of the islands to get supplies and the group is dealing with the usual kinds of issues, such as Naruto heading out off the ship before anyone can do anything, which is easy to do considering the way Guy has just been hurling his guts for so long that he’s not quite as up to speed as he used to be. Naruto has some history with the Land of Water as we see through a few nods here and there, but it is a land that overall you feel like there aren’t as many deep and heavy connections as we’ve had with some of the other lands. Read More... 


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