Naruto: Shippuden Episode #246 Anime Review

When it comes to battling something like the Nine-Tails, the show has to go in some interesting directions in order to express what it is it wants to do. Or, in some ways, it wants to try and look bigger and more complicated than it actually is by trying to be more self-important in a way, going in a philosophical and introspective direction. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as some shows can pull it off and we’ve seen Naruto excel at it at key times in the past. With his fight against Nine-Tails being as intense as it is as he tries to master it, it’s not all about him either which is good to see. Watching as Yamato and Killer Bee stand alongside him and watch as he nearly goes out of control adds the right element to it as they’re intense but not panicking. Read More... 


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