'Big Brother 14': Did Ian find himself a home?

The new Head of Household is trying to figure out who to nominate in the "Big Brother 14" house -- find out what's been happening on the live feeds. Danielle won HOH and her first thought was to target Janelle. Not a bad thought. But the coaches immediately rallied, talking about how it's newbies vs. coaches, and Dan (as Danielle de factor puppetmaster) convinced her Janelle was not the right person to target, so Danielle turned her attention to Wil and Frank. However, by Friday afternoon after the HOH competition, it seems that perhaps Dan and Britney aren't so down to align with Boogie and Janelle as they were the night before. And neither is Ian (or so he says). Ian seems to have come to the realization that Boogie and Frank are tight and while they like Ian as a person, he's kind of low man on the totem pole. So he approaches Dan...



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